Redefining Learning in the Blockchain Era: Transforming Learning into Crypto Rewards!

Unlock a new era of educational exploration with Eduverse – the platform that seamlessly integrates learning with cryptocurrency rewards. Join us in shaping the future of decentralized education where knowledge not only enriches your mind but also your wallet.

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In the realm of traditional education, learners often find themselves navigating a landscape fraught with challenges. Accessibility remains a significant hurdle, with geographical and financial constraints limiting the reach of quality education. However, Eduverse emerges as a transformative solution to these systemic issues. By integrating blockchain technology and introducing the DLT Token, Eduverse addresses the problem of accessibility by creating a decentralized ecosystem that spans across borders, making quality education accessible to learners globally.

Eduverse: Where blockchain meets education, transforming learning into a decentralized, incentivized, and globally accessible experience with the power of DLT Tokens.


Eduverse proudly presents the DLT Token, a cornerstone of our innovative educational ecosystem. This digital asset revolutionizes learning by providing transparent incentives for academic achievements, unlocking access to premium courses, exclusive content, and tradable NFTs within our marketplace. Additionally, DLT Tokens streamline admissions processes, offering a verifiable record of qualifications recognized by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). With Eduverse, learners enter a decentralized realm where knowledge is not only valued but also empowered through blockchain technology.

Welcome to a future of education where the DLT Token redefines the currency of knowledge.


The DLT Foundation has created the DLT Ecosystem to revolutionize education.

Global Recognition of Achievements

DLT Tokens contribute to global recognition as users can showcase their educational achievements on a secure and verifiable blockchain. This feature ensures that learners’ accomplishments are universally acknowledged, transcending geographical borders and creating a portfolio of globally recognized qualifications.

Access to Premium Content

DLT Tokens serve as the key to unlocking premium courses and exclusive educational content within the Eduverse ecosystem. Learners can utilize their earned tokens to access specialized and advanced materials, ensuring a tailored and enriched educational experience.

Incentivized Learning

The DLT Token incentivizes active participation and academic achievements. Learners earn tokens as they progress through courses, complete quizzes, and attain educational milestones. This incentivization not only motivates continuous learning but also transforms the learning journey into a rewarding experience.

Blockchain-Powered Certifications

DLT Tokens enhance the credibility of certifications by tying them to blockchain technology. Each completed course or milestone comes with a specific amount of tokens, creating token-backed certifications. These certifications serve as verifiable proof of educational accomplishments, adding a layer of authenticity and transparency to learners’ credentials.


Eduverse, a beacon of innovation in the realm of education, introduces the Adaptive Smart Platform, a transformative solution poised to redefine the learning experience. At the core of Eduverse’s mission is the commitment to providing learners with a dynamic and personalized educational journey.

Eduverse’s Adaptive Smart Platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze individual learner preferences, strengths, and learning styles. This enables the platform to suggest personalized learning paths, ensuring that each user’s educational journey is tailored to meet their unique needs and aspirations.





Srinivasan Iyer

Sukanta Bakshi

Jacqueline Clayton

Toula Andreakos

Alex Cliffwood



Srinivasan Iyer


An expert with 20 years of experience in implementing, maintaining and enhancing the anti-money laundering policies to bring in reforms in financial markets. He is currently placed with the National Australian Bank as the Anti-Money Laundering analyst.

The goal behind the $DLT Token is to transform the future of the education ecosystem.

Sukanta Bakshi


A renowned name in blockchain & metaverse architecture & designing. A doctorate in blockchain (PhD (Infsy), “Impact of Blockchain in Australian Auditing profession”, FCCA, AICWA, MIPA, BSC(Cal), MuR(RMIT- Australia)

Jacqueline Clayton


Jacqueline is the Founder and Managing Director of Grayclay International College of Health.

She has spent 12 years establishing this highly regarded International College. Prior to this, she spent a number of years in roles that also required significant levels of compliance with Legislation, Acts, and Standards at all levels in Australian Law. Qualifying as a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and ensuring her continued progress towards quality assurance standards in all of her ventures.



An Australian resident has a rich experience working in the banking sector in the AML department and is responsible for working to maintain an organization’s legal and ethical integrity.

She plays the major role of ensuring that the policy laid down by the organization is strictly followed and adhered to by all department members, and that the messaging and the behaviour of the organization reflect the rule and regulations of the company. As an AML consultant, she acts as a subject matter expert in AML and financial fraud investigations.



He is an advisory member of DLP and comes with over 15 years of experience and expertise in customer experience, customer delight, and Business transformation and contributes to continuously growing the team DLP.

He is laser focused on making our global presence starting in India and Australia as easy as possible to use for our students/clients as well as ensuring the functionality on the platform is correct, complete and comprehensive for both the Indian and overseas students.